Annual Fee

The categories of association and the respective values of annuities in 2014 are presented below:

  • Effective partner (individual): R$ 86.00
  • Aspiring partner (student): R$ 43.00 (*)
  • Corporate partner (legal person): R$ 1.400,00 (**)

* For Membership category Aspirant sending proof of school registration for email [email protected] will be necessary;
** For the case of Corporate Membership subscriptions are guaranteed up to 7 employees of the company (contact via email [email protected] for more information).

The annuity payment guarantees your 2014 membership in the Society, plus the following benefits:

  1. Free access to all content on the Company’s website , including annals of CBQEE (Brazilian Conference on Power Quality) and items from our technical- scientific magazine (coming soon);
  2. Right to vote at the Meetings of SBQEE;
  3. Eligibility to office of the society;
  4. Propose agenda items for meetings of the Executive Board , Council or even of the General Assembly;
  5. Participation in the Working Groups of SBQEE;
  6. Discounts on registration for our events (CBQEE, workshops, etc.).
  7. Discount for stands in the CBQEE editions (for juridical entities), among others.

If you want join us, simply fill out the form below and soon you will receive the Billet Banking for payment.

In the name of the Executive Board, we anticipate our thanks. Welcome to SBQEE!


Effective MemberAspirant MemberCorporative Member