History of SBQEE

How it all began …

The ideas of consolidation of a Brazilian Power Quality Society have gained strength from the II Brazilian Seminary on Power Quality held in São Lourenço-MG in the year 1997. With the passing of years and consequently, with the maturing of the proposal, SBQEE was finally founded in October 2005. The Assembly made up for this purpose were recorded 114 signatures of professionals of companies of the electrical industry, universities, as well as research centers, being that these same people are today the selective group of founding shareholders of the institution.
Learn some published material about the SBQEE

Learn some published material about the SBQEE

  1. Magazine Canal Energia – October/2005 (view)
  2. UNIFEI News – March/2006 (view)
  3. Journal Eletricidade Moderna – June/2009 (view)
  4. Journal O Setor Elétrico – March/2011 (view)