Organizational structure

The Brazilian Power Quality Society is composed by the following components directorial:

I – General Assembly
The supreme body of the SOCIETY is composed of all members quits for with the same and shall meet in ordinary or extraordinary sessions.

II – Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is composed by the President and ex-Presidents of SBQEE, as well as by, at most, 15 (fifteen) members elected at the General Assembly. These shall be elected every two years between the founding members or effective, and, preferably, 2 (two) representatives of universities, 1 (one) representative of the CIGRE-BRAZIL, 1 (one) representative of IEEE, 1 (one) representative of research institutes, 1 (one) representative of consumers and 5 (five) representatives from companies, organizations and/or agencies of the electrical industry.

III – Executive Board
The Executive Board is composed of one Chair, one Vice-Chair, one Administrative Director, one Financial Director and one Executive Secretary.

IV – Regional Secretariats.
The SBQEE may establish Regional Secretariats, upon proposition of the Board of Directors or the Executive Board, complied with the statutory provisions. The functioning of the Regional Secretariats shall regulate the Internal Rules, approved by the Board of Directors. Each Regional Secretariat will be administered by a Regional Secretary, approved by the Board of Directors for a term of 2 (two) years. Up to the present time no Regional Secretariat was formed.