Regulations of the Brazilian Power Quality Agency – ANEEL

Electricity Distribution Segment

Module 8 of the Distribution Procedures

Establishes procedures for power quality, addressing product quality and quality of service. To product quality, this module defines the terminology, features the phenomena, parameters and benchmarks of compliance voltage in steady state and the disturbance in the waveform voltage, establishing mechanisms that allows ANEEL set standards for PQ indicators. Finally, the quality of services module provides the methodology for calculating the indicators of continuity and service times for emergency incidents, setting standards and responsibilities Link file

Electric Power Transmission Segment

Submodule 2.8 Network Procedures

This submodule presents performance indicators to “basic network” related to Power Quality and limit reference values, in both global or systemic aspect, as an individual or agent. Also presents the management processes of the indicators – determination, performance monitoring and dissemination of results – as well as the procedures for the management, from the indicators, of PQ in the “Basic network”, such as the treatment of violations and analysis of new access. Link file