The Brazilian Conference on Power Quality

The Brazilian Conference on Power Quality (CBQEE) is the largest event dedicated to this subject throughout South America. The CBQEE has been based in all regions of Brazil, which is one of its main features. It is, in fact, a genuine Brazilian conference, since it is present in every corner of this vast country.

Until its fifth year, the event had the designation of Brazilian Workshop on Power Quality. However, in October 2005, with the founding of the Brazilian Society of Power Quality (SBQEE), the event was renamed as the Brazilian Conference on Power Quality (CBQEE).

Below are listed the cities, the organizing institutions, as well as general coordinators of all editions of the conference.

I SBQEE – 1996 – Uberlândia – MG
Organizing Institution: Universidade Federal de Uberlândia – UFU
General Coordinator: Professor José Carlos de Oliveira

II SBQEE – 1997 – São Lourenço – MG
Organizing Institution: Universidade Federal de Itajubá – UNIFEI
General Coordinator: Professor José Policarpo G. de Abreu

III SBQEE – 1999 – Brasília – DF
Organizing Institution: ELETRONORTE
General Coordinator: Josias Matos de Araújo

IV SBQEE – 2001 – Porto Alegre – RS
Organizing Institution: PUC-RS
General Coordinator: Professor Guilherme Alfredo Dentzien Dias

V SBQEE – 2003 – Aracajú – SE
Organizing Institution: Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisas do Nordeste – NEPEN
General Coordinator: Alécio Barreto Fernandes

VI SBQEE – 2005 – Belém – PA
Organizing Institution: Universidade Federal do Pará – UFPA
General Coordinator: Professor Ubiratan Holanda Bezerra

VII CBQEE – 2007 – Santos – SP
Organizing Institution: Universidade de São Paulo – USP
General Coordinator: Professor Nelson Kagan

VIII CBQEE – 2009 – Blumenau – SC
Organizing Institution: Universidade Regional de Blumenau – FURB
General Coordinator: Professor Thair Ibrahim A. H. Mustafa

IX CBQEE – 2011 – Cuiabá – MT
Organizing Institution: Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso – UFMT
General Coordinator: Professor Bismarck Castillo Carvalho

X CBQEE – 2013 – Araxá – MG
Organizing Institutions: Universidade Federal de Uberlândia (UFU) e Universidade Federal de Itajubá (UNIFEI)General Coordinator: Professor José Rubens Macedo Jr